Did you like the title? Did you feel interested? As much as we would like this to be possible, learning a language takes time. Many people force themselves to think that one year studying English is enough to be ‘understood’. Well, it depends of what we understand by ‘understood’. So, what is the problem with English? Grammar is a set of rules that can be learned very quickly. Vocabulary comes with time. No, English principal problem is none of this. Our principal problem is Pronunciation.

Did you know that in Spanish there are 27 letters in the alphabet but we only use 23 sounds? This amount of sounds makes Spanish very easy to pronounce. What about English? English has got 26 letters in the alphabet but counts with 24 consonants 12 vowels and 8 diphtongs! A total amount of 44 different sounds to learn! OMG!


Ladies and gentlemen, c’mon! Seriously? 44 is not a big number! The problem with Spanish people is that we want everything done too easy. But with a bit of effort we can assure you 44 sounds can be learnt in one hour. Besides you know already 23 from Spanish. What are 21 more sounds?

If you are still not convinced what about an easy exercise? Match the words in each column that have got the same vocalic sound:


It was not that difficult, right? Don’t go too far then. We will be posting more pronunciation exercises very soon! Until then, keep practicing and stay positive!

(Blame the webmaster for the joke…)



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