Exámenes Escuela Oficial B1, Gramática

¿Cómo expresamos acuerdo y desacuerdo en inglés?

Do you know how to express agreement and disagreement in English in a polite and varied way?

Here are some of the most common expressions. You can use them in day-to-day conversations, debates, and mostly in the oral exams, teachers will highly appreciate if you introduce your ideas using some of this vocabulary.

Click here for pdf: expresiones para debates


Stating an opinion:


•        In my opinion____

•        I think that_____

•        I believe that______

•        It seems to me that________

•        If you ask me_____

•        I’d say that_______

•        The point is________

•        As I see it_______        


•        Wouldn’t you say that_______?

•        Don’t you agree that_______?

•        I’d just like to say that______

•        I’d like to point out that_______

When you want someone to repeat or explain: 

•        I don’t understand what you mean

•        I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand your point.

•        Could you give an example?

•        What do you mean by_____?

Agreeing with someone:

•        You’re right

•        I think so, too

•        You could be right

•        I couldn’t agree more

•        That’s a good point

•        I see what you mean

•        That’s just what I was thinking 

Disagreeing with someone:

•        Yes, but_____

•        That’s not the point

•        No, I think you’re wrong

•        Yes, that’s quite true, but_____

•        I’m not sure I quite agree

•        Well, you have a point there, but_____

•        Perhaps, but don’t you think that_____

•        I see your point, but________________


•        I can’t agree with you there

•        You can’t be serious!!

•        Don’t be silly! 

Persuading someone:

•        You must admit that___

•        Do you really believe that_____?

•        Don’t you think that______?

•        Don’t you agree that____?


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