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Summer is the liveliest but also the busiest time of the year and that’s why committing ourselves to demanding projects seems to take tones of energy.Nevertheless, summer is the perfect time to teach or refresh our children’s vocabulary. At an early age your little ones are willing to find out and explore; their curiosity is endless. So, what if you give them a hand and  at the same time have fun?

What I’m going to propose will take just a few minutes a day and all you have to do is to play and say some words in English. The game is called” I spy with my little eye”..and you play like this:

  • Repeat some words related to, let’s say, the bathroom
  • When your kid is having a shower you may say: I spy with my little eye something beginning with –s
  • Then your kid has to guess what object is that (soap, sink)

You can do the same during the main meals teaching them the related vocabulary(spoon,fork,knife,plate,napkin,table,chair,pan,hot ,warm,cold,etc) and food vocabulary (soup,meat,steak,vegetables,jam,cheese,butter,toast) and so on. This game is adaptable and you can structure it by areas(the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom,etc).


Before you start playing this game make sure that you are able to pronounce the selected words properly, otherwise your kid will learn them wrongly.

-Remember that in English the -s is not pronounced as in Spanish

-To get your kid to pronounce it well tell them to imitate the sound that a snake does: sssssssssssssss

I hope that you will find this game useful and continue having a great time this summer.




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