Frases hechas en inglés sobre bares y restaurantes

            At Welcome to English we have a bar class from time to time. This is because we consider that the language must be practiced not only in the classroom and following the book ,but also outside it in different environments. This leads to being more self-confident when it comes to expressing yourself.

          So, for the last bar class I thought that looking at some nice vocabulary and expressions related to bars and parties would be useful as this time of the year is the quintessential party time.

          To make the long story short, here are some of the expressions that we saw:

          When you want to disconnect and relax we use the expression

to let your hair down”.

Frases hechas en inglés
To let your hair down

          However if you feel like having more than that, meaning “desmadrarse” we say “Let’s go out and paint the town red”. Are you “a party animal”? This can be translated as “festero”.Another question:”are you the life and soul of the party” or are you “a party pooper”.I’m sure you’ve got the meaning of the first one and the second one is the equivalent of the Spanish one”ser un aqua fiestas “but in English it is a bit grosser.

conversación en inglés en Sagunto

           If you go to a club the first person you see is a “bouncer”(gorilla).They normally look as if they are capable of downing(beberse de un trago) at least five pints(pintas) or shots(chupitos) in a row(consecutivamente). If you order a whiskey that could be a neat one (seco,solo) or on the rocks (con hielo). If the bartender tells you “this whiskey will put hair on your chest “you have to expect that whiskey to be very strong. When somebody wants to pay for a round they will say “that’s my shout, my treat or that’s on me”. If you prefer a beer you can choose from a lighter(suave),an ale(fuerte) or a bitter ale which is both bitter and strong.

          After “painting the town red “you’ll probably feel “as happy as a dog with two tails”. However it is quite likely to have a terrible hangover (resaca) the following day. Needless to say that the best remedy for a hangover is “the hair of the dog” in other words una cervecita.

          I hope that you’ll find it useful and if you spend this Christmas holidays in an English speaking country try to practice some of these expressions. You’ll impress native people, that’s for sure!

Idiomas Sagunto          And to bring this article to an end I would like to quote what Frank Sinatra said:”Alcohol may be men’s enemy, but the Bible said love your enemy.”I don’t particularly agree with Frank Sinatra and I would dare to change “love “for “use wisely “so that you can have fun without “putting your leg in it.”(meter la pata)


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