Diferencia entre EACH & EVERY

Cuándo usar each & every
Cuándo usar each & every

¿Cuándo utilizar each y every?                                

These two determiners have always caused confusion and that’s why WELCOME TO ENGLISH would like to explain how and when to use each.

Each and every are alike in meaning, but of two or more members composing a group each directs the attention to the separate members in turn while every emphasizes university. They, both are used with nouns in singular.

Eg: Each child in class has different abilities and interests.

Every child in class is required to bring a pencil to school.

Sometimes each and every have the same meaning:

Eg:  Prices go up each year.  OR  Prices go up every year

But often they are not the same. Each expresses the idea of “one by one”. Every is half way between each and all.  It sees things or people as singular but in a group or in general.

Eg: Every soldier saluted as the president arrived.

The president gave each soldier a medal.

Each can change position in the sentence and can be used in front of the verb:

Eg: The soldiers each received a medal.

Each can be followed by “of”.

Eg: The president spoke to each soldier. Each can be used for two things however, every cannot.

Eg: He was carrying a suitcase in each hand. Every is used to say how often something happens.

Eg: There is a plane to Bangkok every day.

Esperamos que se hayan aclarado algunas dudas sobre el uso de Each y Every, y ya sabéis que en la academia de idiomas WELCOME TO ENGLISH estamos aquí para resolver todas vuestras dudas.

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