At the seaside


Ann likes the place where she lives. Why? Well, one reason is that it is near the beach, and she spends a lot of time there in the summer.

She is getting ready for the beach now while she’s having a soft drink (refresco). She is in her bathing costume, which is a two-piece costume, or bikini. She has her beach-bag (bolsa de playa), her hat and her sun-tan lotion (crema bronceadora). She needs the beach bag to carry things in, and the hat and lotion to stop her getting sunburned (quemarse por el sol).

When this happens it is very uncomfortable and she has to use the aftersun lotion and drink a lot of water.


Back on the beach, sometimes she likes to lie on the beach towel and sunbathe (tomar el sol). She has a light tan (moreno suave), which means that her skin has gone slightly brown in the sun. When she gets too hot, Ann takes a swim. She is a good swimmer. She likes to do breast-stroke (braza), but when she wants to swim fast, she does a crawl (estilo libre). After that, she loves having an ice cream on one of the many beach cafes along the promenade (Paseo marítimo)

There are lots of things to do on the beach, even when the water is too cold for swimming. There is rowing (remar) in a boat, using oars (remos) to pull the boat through the water. Ann prefers a paddle (paleta) which you use for boats like a kayak.


But now it’s still very warm, and because is a bit windy, Ann’s going to try windsurfing, which is a surfboard (tabla de surf) and a sail (vela). She’s very good, and does not fall in the water often, but when she does, that is part of the fun.

So, Ann does swimming, sunbathing and boating. But there’s one thing that she likes to do on the beach more than all the others. That’s right.
Beach parties. Have fun Ann!!!


And remember, please, keep the beach clean


By Bilibramboy

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