Trucos para aprobar el speaking

¿Sabéis cuáles son los mejores trucos para aprobar el speaking de la ESCUELA OFICIAL DE IDIOMAS o de los exámenes de CAMBRIDGE como PET, FIRST o CAE?

Nuestra profe Crina nos ha preparado un artículo lleno de ideas que vamos aplicando en clase con nuestros alumnos y que funcionan siempre.

*** Si tenéis más ideas, no dudéis en dejárnoslas en los comentarios del final de esta entrada. Thank you.***


Today we are going to focus on the structure of the monologue for EOI and the use of some nice expressions for both, the monologue and the dialogue for level B2 and C1.

The monologue must be well-structured thus, divide it in 3 or 4 parts and spend about 1 minute expanding the main ideas that you have written down during the 10 minutes available to prepare both tasks. Start your monologue with some general ideas and then move to the specific ones.

Remember you have about 10 minutes to show what you know so, don’t waste this time beating around the bush (irse por las ramas) and go to the point. What is also very important is your attitude. Try not to be apathetic and speak just for the sake of it. Make an effort to sound enthusiastic and show interest in the topic even though it’s not your cup of tea. Be aware that everything is assessed from fluency, content, coherence, pronunciation to grammar so, don’t rush, and speak slowly and clearly.

To make your speech sound more natural try to personalize it and to make it make it sound more sophisticated use some of the following expressions:

  • Speaking from my personal experience
  • That is a topic that is particularly close to my heart
  • That is a topic that I’m not very keen on

            To give yourself time to think use some of these expressions or rephrase what you’ve just said:

  • Let me see
  • Well, it’s difficult to say really
  • That’s an interesting question
  • I haven’t given it much thought until now
  •  What I mean is….
  •  What I’m trying to say is……
  • In other words
  • To put it another way….
  • Basically what I’m saying is…..

            To impress the examiner use some of these expressions:

  • Another point I’d like to add is…
  • It’s also worth bearing in mind that…..
  • Coming back to what I said about….
  • I’d also like to point out ….
  • The vast majority of people tend to think that….
  • I reckon it’s important not to forget that……
  • At the end of the day…..

When you do the dialogue the most important thing in not to forget that what is assessed is your ability to interact so, show interest in what your partner says and to agree or disagree make use of these expressions:

  •   We see eye to eye /we don’t see eye to eye
  •   We’re on the same page
  •    You took the words right out of my mouth
  •    I couldn’t agree more/less
  •    You have appoint there /I take your point but
  •    I’m with you 100% on this one
  •     I tend to disagree with you there
  •     That’s not always the case
  •     I beg to differ


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