Present Simple vs. Present Continuous (Video)

Hey guys,

¿Tenéis alguna duda a la hora de usar el

presente simple o el presente continuo en inglés?

En la Academia de inglés WELCOME TO ENGLISH en Puerto Sagunto (Valencia) estamos usando estos videos en nuestras clases de inglés y a los alumnos les gustan mucho. Ya sabéis que si tenéis alguna duda la podéis dejar en los comentarios y contestaremos enseguida.


Lately we’ve been looking at the difference in use between present simple & present continuous in English. Now it’s time for you to look it over again and polish what you’ve learnt in class. Don’t worry in case you missed our classes because you are still in time to catch up with this couple of videos.


Here you can do some individual work and check your answers with the ANSWER KEY to the exercises provided in class.

Still in two minds as to when to use present simple or continuous?

Write your questions and comments below! We’ll be glad to hear from you and help you out!

Take care!

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