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Monólogo de la EOI resuelto. “Change”

¡Bienvenidos a la academia de inglés WELCOME TO ENGLISH!

En esta entrada de blog vamos a analizar una muestra de monólogo de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas. Como bien sabemos, en la EOI, en la parte de speaking se realizan 3 actividades: un  monólogo, un diálogo y una mediación. El monólogo y la mediación son individuales y el diálogo se hace con otro candidato.

En este post os hacemos una propuesta de monólogo de nivel B2/ C1 “Change”.

Tenéis que observar tanto el vocabulario que se emplea, como los conectores y la estructura. Esperamos que os sirva de apoyo para realizar vuestros propios monólogos e ir muy bien preparados el día del examen. 

No se os olvide descargaros las muestras gratuitas de monólogos, diálogos y mediaciones que hemos preparado y también podéis encontrar de gran utilidad el curso en video DOMINA EL SPEAKING DE LA EOI para aprender cómo sacar la máxima nota en esta prueba de certificación de la EOI.

Hello, good morning. My name is Anna, and today I am taking this exam to prove my English proficiency at a B2 level, which is a requirement for most job offers. The topic I have been given today is “Change: always good?”.

I’ll start speaking about the changes in society that I would most like to see. In my opinion, I believe that we need to focus on achieving greater equality and justice, both nationally and globally. For instance, we need to address the wage gap between genders, ensure that everyone has access to healthcare and education regardless of their socioeconomic background, and take action to reduce the effects of climate change. These changes will require a collective effort from governments, organizations, and individuals, but they are necessary for a fairer and more sustainable society.

Then, I’ll carry on talking about the idea that “We are exposed to fewer dangers than previous generations”. While it is true that advances in technology and medicine have made our lives safer in many ways, we must not forget that there are still risks and challenges that we face today. For example, cyber threats have become a significant concern in the digital age, and the increasing use of automation in various industries raises concerns about job loss. Moreover, the rise of fake news and disinformation can have detrimental effects on our democracy. Therefore, we should not become complacent and continue to work towards a better and safer future.

And this takes me to the last part of my presentation, something I believe will never change. In my opinion, human nature and the need for social connection and community will always remain the same. Despite all the changes and advancements that we may experience, we will always have a fundamental need for human interaction and support. For instance, we see this in the rise of social media platforms, which enable people to connect with others from all over the world. Furthermore, the importance of community support has become even more evident during the pandemic, as people have had to rely on each other to navigate through difficult times. Therefore, we must prioritize relationships and community-building in our personal and professional lives.

And to put it all in a nutshell, let me sum up my main points. While change can be both positive and negative, it is up to us to use it to create a better and more equitable world. We must remember that despite all the changes, our need for human connection and community will always remain constant. Therefore, we should strive to create a society that values inclusivity, justice, and compassion.

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