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Conferencia British Council

British Council Valencia

Tus profes siempre intentan mejorar par adaptarse mejor a ti. Así que una vez más hemos participado a las conferencias que da el British Council con todo tipo de consejos para reciclarse y ofrecer unas clases de calidad…..vamos, que hemos ido a un cole para profes 🙂

Y estas son las conclusiones de Crina…en inglés, claro.

Once again the world’s English experts (British Council) offered the English teachers another outstanding conference.                                                                                           This was the 7th year in a row that they decided to share their knowledge and experience with us. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity of being students for a day so we attended the conference that took place at Colegio Aleman in Valencia last Saturday 27th September.

The theme of the conference was ELT Creativity and they came up with lots of innovative ideas. One of the ideas that was presented in a workshop that we really appreciate was called “Take a backseat” and Wayne Flint (the teacher in charge) dare us to encourage our students to participate more in class, revealing some new approaches.

The conference was split into three sessions and each session consisted of ten or so workshops, each dealing with a different issue (pronuntiation, listening, increase of fluency, use of video material for young learners, useful activities practice in the classroom).The presentations were given by a number of professionals (15 in all) with years of training, who offered alternatives about how to approach the lesson.

To bring this post to an end, I would say that this conference opened our minds to new methods that we are going to implement in class in order to offer you, our students, the highest level of quality. I would also like to add that the 7th Annual British Council Conference has definitely lived up to our expectations and we can’t wait to be part of it again next year.



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