Muestra de artículo para B2 / FIRST

Muestra de artículo para el FIRST

Sergio, uno de nuestros alumnos de uno de los grupos B2 ha escrito éste artículo como parte de los deberes de clase, ya que en este grupo se están preparando para la prueba de certificación de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Sagunto, o para el FIRST de Cambridge.

Aquí os dejamos su muestra de artículo para el FIRST

A magazine for young people called Pastimes has asked you to write about your favourite hobby. Write an article, describing your hobby and explaining why you would recommend it to others.

Learning English

Learning English has always been a hobby to me. I started studying English four years ago using some grammar books my sister lent me. At that time, studying was only a pastime, but the more I studied the more interested in the language I became.

About two years later I started atending classes in an English school and my English improved so fast that I have recently  got my first diploma. Now, I cannot imagine my life without practising this language.

If you asked me why I study it, I would answer : because when I see my improvements I feel better. It is not only a question of knowledge, but a question of training your brain as well. In other words, at first I could not memorise a text which I had just read,and now I can remember practicly all the information I have just read.

These are the two reasons why I would recommend studying English. Firstly, you adquire new and helpful knowledge. Secondly, you train your brain in order to keep it working well.

So, if you are going to take up studying right now, follow two rules : keep on working and pay atention to what you do.

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