Frases hechas en inglés

¿Llevas tiempo estudiando pero notas que tienes un inglés “de libro”?… el momento de incorporar algunas frases hechas. Harán que lo que dices suene mucho más natural y más…nativo.

Una de nuestras profes, Crina, nos ha preparado un artículo con un montón de frases hechas que seguro que os van a sorprender. Esperamos como siempre vustros ocmentarios al final de esta entrada o por facebook

¿Having a good hair day?              

                  frases hechas en inglés

Sometimes your hair looks so nice that you don’t want to wash it and this is known as “a good day hair”. However, sometimes it is impossible to control your hair no matter how hard you try and this is known as a “bad hair day”.

Generally speaking though, most of us are not happy with the type of hair we have. That’s to say, people that have straight hair want curly hair and get it straighten. The ones that have volume say that they can’t keep it under control and the ones that have fine hair struggle to get more volume. Brunettes complain that their hair is to dark and they have highlights (mechas claras) done and the blonde ones get lowlights (mechas oscuras) done. Apparently most of us complain about our hair so perhaps being bald (bold) has its advantages.

Now, let’s imagine that you need to go to the hairdresser’s and you have to explain what you want to have done on your hair. You’ll need some vocabulary to do this. So, you may want just a simple haircut or perhaps you only want a trim (recortar un poco) . You might want a change of look and you can ask for a frindge.Some of us want layers (capas) or a hairdo (un peinado) that can be a plait (una trenza) , a ponytail (una coleta) or an updo (un recojido).

Unfortunately, apart from having a bad hair day,  we can also have to deal with different problems. You might have an itchy scalp (cuero cabelludo que pica)  and dandruff (caspa)  and you might have trouble finding the right shampoo. If you have frizzy hair (pelo encrespado) you need a special conditioner. If your roots are showing through (se ve la raiz) you need to dye (tintar) it again. You also might have split ends (puntas abiertas) and in this case you need to trim them.

These are the most common situations that you might face regarding your hair. However, the topic is quite broad and if you fancy “splitting hairs (si te apetece rizar el rizo) we’ll have a lot to talk about. By the way, don’t let any smart hairdresser  pull your leg (tomarte el pelo) and learn this vocabulary!

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